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Red deer

Notoriously famous deer species which is the true european staple. If you did not try Red Stag hunt during the rut, you pretty much should not tell that you have European hunting experience!

Roe deer

Smallest of the continental deer species, yet one of the most challenging to harvest. Especially if you are trying to get that “old fella” which will disappear as soon as his instict tells him something is not 100% right. 


This majestic animal can be extremely difficult to stalk, especially in thick forests of central Europe. Hunting Mouflon will be the true test of your stalking & shooting skills. 

Sika deer

Brought to Europe from Eastern Asia several decades ago, it became both curse and  new staple. Herds of Sika deer can be found in Czech republic where they graze alongside red deer & compete for their territories. 


Smallest of the deer species in global perspective. This never-resting deer can be found on the British Islands. It is the only place you can actually hunt this species as it is endangered in its natural habitat in Asia. 

Chinese Water deer

This species originates in Asia and can be found on the British Islands. It is extremely fast-breeding deer which is almost exclusively tied a very small territories. Notoriously difficult to get close to, always on the watchout.  

Fallow deer

One of the most beautiful & elegant deer spieces. Can be found spread around bigger part of the continent. Well known for its specific “grunting” call during rut & majestic antlers. 

Wild boar

If red stag is the king of the European forest, this fierce species would be its kinghts. They are extremely resilient, fast moving & hard to stop. If you want to trully test your skills, try Wild boar driven hunt with us. It is an unforgetable experience.


Undisputed ruler of the mountains. Chamois hunt will test your endurance, shooting abilities and overall composure very thoroughly. Alpine conditions, harsh weather, long range shots & romantic nature of European mountains. The very best of European hunting. 

Brown bear

European brown bear is from the same descendance as famous Kodiak or Grizzly. You can find specimens which are well over 300 kilograms heavy & as fierce as their American counterparts. 

Grey Wolf

Almost mythical species which had been the alfa predator in European forests since the end of ice age. There is very few animlas which stand at least a chance against well organized and cunningly intelligent wolves organized in pack.

European Lynx

The biggest cat in Europe. Capable of harvesting anything to the size of a red deer doe. This predator has razor sharp instincts which will make it extremely hard to stalk.